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How To Choose Portable Massage Table For Therapists (Scuba Edition)

Trying to start a massage therapy practice on a shoestring budget can be tough. Sone used tables often can be found for next to nothing, and many of them are still in great shape and can be used for a long time.

Buying a used portable table will also give you the chance to build up a client base and get your business in better financial shape before you spend the money to rent out a space and give massages full time.

When you’re buying a used table, there are some things that you should watch out for just to make sure the table that you’re buying is still safe for clients and safe for you to lug around.

Things to look at before buying a Portable Massage Table

The Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism is the most likely thing to be broken on a used table.

The folding mechanism is made to withstand a lot of use but if the current owner has been handling the table roughly for a long time, then the folding mechanism could be broken or about to break.

You also should check to make sure that the folding mechanism is clean and doesn’t have any dirt or dust buildup. That will tell you how well the current owner has been caring for the table.

To check how well the mechanism works fold and unfold the massage table a few times. Pay attention to how smoothly the table folds and unfolds and look for signs of wear on the folding mechanism.

If it folds and unfolds smoothly every time and there are no stress marks on the mechanism the table should be excellent.

The Upholstery

UpolsteryInspect the Portable Massage Table upholstery carefully and look for rips, tears or stains.

Having a small stain or two doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy the table if the price is reasonable and the folding mechanism is sound.

Stains can usually be cleaned up with upholstery cleaner or even baby wipes.

Stains that are set in and won’t come out can cover with a massage table warming pad, massage table covers or a blanket but rips and tears are a cause for concern.

Even a small rip or tear can quickly become a huge hole that will make the massage table virtually unusable, also if a blanket or pad cover it.

You can often get a great deal by purchasing a table second hand.

Many of the more expensive tables can be a great value, and you could purchase a portable massage table as recommended by Health Nerdy that may be financially unreachable until your business has been operating successfully for a few years.

With proper cleaning maintenance and new covers, no-one will ever know that your table is a Used Portable Massage Table.

Stationary Massage Tables

stationaryChoosing Stationary Massage Tables is a bit different than picking portable massage tables.

When you’re choosing portable massage tables weight is usually the most significant factor since you will have to carry it around.  But stationary tables are built for longevity and not for portability so that they will be considerably more massive than portable tables.

High-quality stationary tables are made from dense wood, like a piece of household furniture, and they are meant to last about as long as household furniture would.

The upholstery on these types of massage tables is also heavy duty and thickly padded to prevent the top of the table from being flattened over the years by clients.

If you’re in the market for Stationary Massage Tables here are some things that you should look for if you want to buy high-quality tables:


Stationary tables should be well constructed to last for many years. Legs should be solid and fit squarely into the tabletop, which should also be solid wood, not particle board or MDF.

Look for a massage table that has at least an inch of padding and a non-squeak vinyl or nylon cover so that it will be easy to clean.  End plates should be solid and well connected.

Think of a stationary table as a piece of furniture and not as a massage table and look for the same kind of superior construction you would look for in a beautiful piece of furniture.

After all, you’re paying a premium price for high quality. Make sure the quality is worth the cost.


Because Stationary Massage Tables are so heavy, it can be tough for a massage therapist to adjust them for each client.

Look for tables that have a secure adjustment mechanism so that you won’t hurt yourself adjusting the table.

Electric massage tables are high, but if you can’t afford an electric table make sure that you choose a table with an easy manual adjustment system to avoid stressing your back or shoulders.


You may need to use accessories for some clients so make sure that the stationary table you choose has the functionality to work with accessories like armrest extenders or steps.

Accessories should fit seamlessly and securely to the table.

If they don’t fit correctly, you might want to consider buying another table since it’s important that the accessories be connected firmly to the table to be effective.

You also need to consider what massage table covers and the massage table warming pad which will suit your model.

Buying a table will be one of the more expensive items in setting up your massage business.

Take the time to research a massage table that will fit your room and will offer the functionality that you need to look after your clientele.

If you choose the correct Stationary Massage Tables, then you will have an excellent asset for your business and will go a long way toward offering fantastic customer satisfaction.

EarthLite Tables

Have you heard of the EarthLite Table? Do you know who makes the best massage tables? Picking a massage table should be about more than just price.

Choosing a massage table can be tough because there are so many different manufacturers making massage tables. Because these tables can be expensive, it’s important to select a table from a manufacturer you can trust and whose production processes fall in line with your own beliefs.

Many massage therapists and Reiki practitioners recommend using an EarthLite Table because their tables are reasonably priced, and there are a lot of different styles to choose from.  There are also some other significant advantages to choosing an EarthLite Table for massages like:

Fair Employment Practices

EarthLite is committed to upholding fair labor practices in all of the factories where their massage tables are made.

If you want to be sure that company you’re buying from is a company that cares about the workers it hires and makes sure that they get a living wage and other benefits then you need to buy an EarthLite Table when it’s time to buy a massage table for your business.

You can tell the business community that having ethics matter by supporting the companies that treat their employees fairly and don’t shortchange them or abuse them.

Environmental Sustainability

An EarthLite Table is an environmentally friendly table made from materials that use natural components as well products that won’t harm the environment.

Even the lacquers used on an EarthLite Table are water based on being environmentally friendly. And, since there are no chemicals used to make the table or the padding, your clients won’t be at risk of suffering breathing problems or allergic reactions when they are lying on the table to get a massage. EarthLite massage tables might cost more than other tables, but the extra cost is worth it when you consider what that money is used for.

EarthLite Table Choices

You can choose from dozens of different styles of tables when you buy from EarthLite. Portable massage tables, stationary massage tables, even home spa tables so that you can turn your own home into a blissful retreat are all options that you can choose.

Buy a home spa table for an upcoming girls’ night in or for a wedding or baby shower and your friends will be talking about it for years. Of, if you’re planning on giving massage out of your home as well as in a therapeutic setting, choose a portable EarthLite massage table.

The wide range of table choices offered by EarthLite combined with the company’s commitment to quality and the care of the environment choose what massage table to buy an easy one. When you want a quality table at a fair price from a company that cares buy an EarthLite Table.

Tips for Choosing the Best Massage Table for any Space

Massage therapists practice in a wide variety of spaces, and each of those spaces will influence what type of table is the Best Massage Table for you.  If you’re renting space, it will make a difference whether you’re renting an office or renting a space in a holistic health center, and whether or not you share the area.

If you’re setting up a massage therapy practice in your home, the Best Massage Table for your system will depend on whether or not you have a dedicated space for massages or are planning on using your living room or other communal area.

Here are some tips for successful massage therapists to help you find the right massage table for any space:

Look For Add-On Accessories

Things like adjustable steps, arm extenders, and padded headrests can take up space and limit the number of places in which your table will fit the best so look for professional massage tables that offer those options as add-ons instead of being built into the table itself.

That way you can put them on when you have space and moving the table or storing it in a small area will be more comfortable because you won’t have to worry about ahead extender sticking out or a step coming loose.

Invest in a high-quality primary table that you can upgrade or add on to as time goes by.  Some of the folding massage table brands will also come with add-on accessories.

Never Get A Table So Heavy You Can’t Move It

Even if you are renting a space for your practice and think that you won’t have to move them by yourself don’t get one that is so heavy you can’t move it if necessary.

You never know when you may want to move the table around, or when you might have to move it to another room or another building because of a natural disaster or fire.

Even though you might be tempted to get a large table since you won’t have to move it a lot, it’s a smart idea to make sure you get one that you could move if you had to.

Consult A Feng Shui Expert

The whole point of a massage is to have a relaxing experience, so if you’re not sure what the Best Massage Table is for the space that you are going to use as a practice area ask a Feng Shui expert for advice on selecting a table and placing it correctly in your practice room.

Your clients will notice if you put some effort into making their messages as relaxing as possible.

If you consider your space, business direction and clients then you will be able to make the best choices for the Best Massage Table for your massage therapy practice.

How is a Reiki Massage Table Different From Other Tables

Have you been considering purchasing a Reiki Massage Table? If you’re a massage therapist that is getting ready to start your practice you’ve probably figured out that there are many different kinds of professional massage tables.

A Reiki Table is one type of table that is made precisely to align with Reiki practices. Reiki tables are made from natural materials which are gathered or produced in an environmentally friendly way.

A Reiki Massage Table is unique because of the materials that go into making it and how it’s made, not because it looks or functions differently than other types of massage tables.

Reiki practitioners manipulate the flow of energy in and around the body to heal and to relax.

If a Reiki practitioner is using a table that is not made from the right materials or produced in an environmentally friendly way the negative energy that results from that can impede the Reiki work that is being done.

So, to give successful Reiki and massage treatments, a massage therapist who also practices Reiki has to use a table that is specially made to be a Reiki Massage Table.

Reiki tables can be a little challenging to find, but if you know where to look, you can see very affordable Reiki tables.

Reiki massage tables are often handmade to ensure that the energy they produce is positive.

However, a handmade massage table can be out of the budget for many new practitioners who are just starting out.

If you need to find a Reiki table that is made from natural materials in an environmentally responsible way, but you can’t afford to have one made to your specifications here are some ideas to you can find a discount massage table you can afford:

Call The Manufacturer

If you see a table that’s in your price range but it doesn’t say in the description how the materials were produced or what the materials in the table are called the company that made it. A customer service rep should be able to answer your questions so you can decide for yourself if the table is acceptable.

Call A Reiki School

Often schools will have vast resources when it comes to finding businesses that supply Reiki products. Someone at the school should be able to help you find a company that makes a Reiki Massage Table at reasonable prices.

You may even get a discount if the school has a rewards program with a particular manufacturer